The Music of Gao Hong - A Celebration of 50 Years of Making Music With Friends


Proclamation By Melvin Carter Mayor of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota.

April 3rd, 2022 "Gao Hong Day"


Music Of Gao Hong





at Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

Audience Reactions After the Concert


"The concert was FANTASTIC!!!!! Every single piece was completely breathtaking!!! Your improvisation completely blew me away - that was so amazing and so touching!!!! That was the best concert I have ever seen!!! Congratulations on 50 years as the most incredible pipa player and best teacher in the world!!!!!!!"


"You inspire musicians of seemingly every possible style and tradition, you inspire the public across the world, and you inspire generations of talented students (like Gus!) whom you mentor with the same indefatigable dedication as Lin Shicheng mentored you. I hope that you know how much your caring love means to your own students! It transforms their lives and motivates them to create beauty and peace as they prepare for Life. You’re amazing!"


"I don't know that I've ever sat through a concert where I felt so fortunate as to inhale the artistry of a performer. Gao Hong was so generous of spirit and absolutely floored the audience with her skill and expressiveness. Wow. What a Sunday high."


"I was truly gratified to be at your concert yesterday. The innovative approaches to each of the six performance groups, as well as your solo improvisation, was absolutely fascinating and wonderful. This places you in a unique position in the world of pipa performers. Combining your performance artistry with being an originator of new compositions raises you to a special level of attainment. Add to this your collaboration with such a wide range of performers from different cultures is truly forward thinking and has contributed to the new world of musical concepts."


"Dear Gao Hong you are the best bridge builder between the East and West that I have ever known. Music transcends and music unites."


"Gao Hong composes and plays music on the pipa that transcends boundaries and multiplies connections. Those of us at the Ordway were entertained and inspired by the power of music."


"Your event yesterday, proclaimed "Gao Hong Day" in St. Paul, showed us not only what a special artist you are but also how your music can bring together cultures and generations."


"To your improvisation for teacher you said that if you were bad we'll cry. If you were good, we'll applaud. You were magical and we did both. Thank you for your beautiful music!"


"You cross genres and bring us all music and love."


" Your Pipa performance, its sounds, always bring tears to my eyes.  What sensitive, expressive, and beautiful sounds!!!  Thank you soooo much for your music.  I enjoyed it to my heart's content. It was a fabulous Sunday afternoon!! 謝謝"


"What a marvelous afternoon of music-making you gave us!  Thank you for all that you provided with so excellent musicians.  As you could tell, the audience was with you all the way!"


"You are a national treasure in two nations. How grateful we are for your talent."


"You were fabulous Gao Hong. We're so lucky to have you in Minnesota…no WONDER they proclaimed yesterday YOUR day!"


"Amazing work, stunning collaboration, moving music. My first post pandemic music concert. I will treasure this day in my memory. We are so lucky to have so many talent Chinese artists in Minnesota"


"Thank you for your beautiful concert yesterday and your exquisite artistry in performance and composition. Listening to you play was transportive to another dimension. Bravo!"


"What a beautiful and emotional concert!!!!" 


"Your music lifted me up and filled my soul with the joy of life. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your truly marvelous music with all of us!"


"Wow! What a wonderful concert you gave at the Ordway yesterday. It was special - not only because we were celebrating 50 years of music making with you, but also because it was such a fine concert. I am honored to know you - and to have had the opportunity to hear you shine as a musician over the years."


"What a glorious concert on Sunday! I was so moved by the tribute to your teacher, and your performances were incredible. Thank you!"


"The wonderful performances on Sunday really showcased how much you have accomplished as a musician, composer, educator, and ambassador bridging cultural and musical divides to bring joy and understanding through your music. The world – through your music and your effervescent joy in it are so impressive."


"With my sincere best wishes and congratulations as you celebrate your illustrious career as a musician, composer, and teacher. You have contributed and incomparable creative legacy for us all. Thank you!"


"Joining the gratitude party--you are clearly deeply loved and respected by the community, Hong. Congratulations on pulling off an ambitious, beautiful, and varied program." 


"In a world plagued by political polarization and culture wars during the pandemic, Gao Hong, through music making and teaching, brings people together and breaks boundaries of all kinds. This is what our society needs. This will be what I aspire to do in the future."


"Although Gao Hong is now a world-renowned musician, she is still the same person I met twenty-one years ago—her genuine demeanor, sincere gratitude to everyone, and unwavering determination for connection. After the concert, she gladly joined my students for a group photo, which, as a Hmong American student told me, would be one of the most memorable moments in her life as a community college student. A refugee student from Miramar with some Chinese heritage was so impressed by Gao Hong’s inspiring musical career that she decided to apply for a leadership position and a tutoring job on campus. “Ms. Gao did it. I can too!” She told me recently. A Somali Canadian student said Ms. Gao’s heart-felt gratitude to her late teacher made her think about her teachers in Somalia who encouraged her to challenge traditional gender roles through education. She later texted me, “my eyes were full of tears while listening to her improvised piece for her teacher. I felt that was music from my heart too.”"









" '高虹日' 乃高虹女士的殊荣,她是明州华人艺术家的骄傲。在此谨向高虹女士致以热烈的祝贺!"




“祝贺高老师演出圆满成功。明州自此有了高虹日。 您用您的琵琶建起中美友谊桥梁, 让世人,明州人认识琵琶并感受中国文化艺术之美。 由衷的感谢和祝贺。” 






“50年来,您作为一位演奏家、作曲家、教育家、浦东派的传承者、中华民族音乐的传播者、世界音乐的创新者… 每件事您都做得非常出色。4月3日被St Paul市长命名为高虹日,足以证明您作为一名华人艺术家对美国社会的影响和贡献。”