The Music of Gao Hong - A Celebration of 50 Years of Making Music With Friends

Congratulatory Letters from 

Lin Jiaqing

Pipa Master - Son of Pudong Pipa Master Lin Shicheng

The Soaring Rainbow Connecting Cultures




(Translated by Yanmei Jiang)


Congratulations to Gao Hong, my sister in music, on her outstanding artistry in pipa performance across the Pacific Ocean! I also would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to her for organizing the concert to honor my late father’s 100 th birthday.



It has been fifty years since Gao Hong first held the pipa in her arms. She has achieved phenomenal successes on her musical journey, especially her acclaimed in improvisation. Gao Hong truly deserves congratulations and celebrations for her distinguished career teaching the art of pipa thousands of miles away from China.



Gao Hong’s success in teaching pipa will be a prominent chapter in the history of international exchanges of pipa and traditional Chinese culture.

林嘉庆 2022年2月27日,写于北京

February, 27, 2022, Beijing