The Music of Gao Hong - A Celebration of 50 Years of Making Music With Friends

More Congratulatory Letters

from China, Canada, Japan and the U.S.

Wu Junsheng 吴俊生先生, Emeritus Professor of China

Conservatory of Music, Pipa Master from Beijing


President of China Nationalities
Orchestra Society CNOS, Pipa Master
Wu Yuxia 吴玉霞先生 form Beijing, China


Lorena Cravens/Millsap/Missouri Distinguished Professor
at the Conservatory of Music and Dance at University of Missouri-Kansas City

Chen Yi 陈怡教授, Composer


Centual Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Chair of Musicology Department

Professor An Ping 安平教授

Pipa Master Liu Guilian 刘桂莲先生

form Vancouver, Canada



Pipa Master Tu Ruixiang 涂善祥先生

from Nagoya, Japan