The Music of Gao Hong - A Celebration of 50 Years of Making Music With Friends

Congratulatory Letters from 

Zhao Cong

Aritic Director of the China National Traditional Orchestra, Chinese Pipa Master

中央民族乐团 团长, 中囯著名琵琶演奏家 赵聪

Translated by Gus Holley



Gao Hong is an American Chinese pipa performer and educator that I feel great respect for. Throughout her career, Gao Hong has used her professional technical knowledge and rigorous spirit for teaching to inherit and carry forward the Chinese pipa in the United States, giving a great many Americans the gift of getting to know this millenia-old instrument.



What has left the biggest impression on me is that she has also supported many people outside of China in becoming students and enthusiasts of the pipa themselves. She has collaborated with musicians from across the world, performed many different styles of music, and at the same time used elements of Chinese music as foundations to create many excellent new works—all of this is truly admirable!



I give my thanks to Gao Hong for her enormous contribution to the promotion and expansion of the pipa world!



On April 3rd, 2022, the famous Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota will welcome a special concert of Gao Hong’s musical works. We look forward to this concert that is both the 50th-year anniversary of Gao Hong’s pipa career and the 100th-year anniversary of her teacher, Pudong pipa master Lin Shicheng—and the opportunity to hear Gao Hong’s original compositions and improvisations!



Music is one of the threads that brings together all of the world’s peoples, and I wish this concert resounding success!



中央民族乐团 团长, 中囯著名琵琶演奏家

2022年2月20日, 写于北京

Aritic Director of the China National Traditional Orchestra, Chinese Pipa Master Zhao Cong

February. 14, 2022, Beijing