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Flying Dragon
Lin and Gao CD

Flying Dragon

Gao Hong in collaborations with sitarist Shubhendra Rao,

Jazz flute legend James Newton, and Japanese

shakuhachi master Yoshio Kurahashi, Ty Burhoe on tabla.

excerpts from the CD

1. Morning - Sitar, Pipa with tabla

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2. Moved by the Spirit - Flute and Pipa

3. Flying Dragon - Pipa Solo

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4. Cutting Grain Song - Shakuhacji and Pipa

5. Silk Road - Pipa, Sitar, Shakuhachi, Tabla and Flute

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CD Review:

"Gao Hong, a virtuoso pipa player, presents a series of

cross-cultural pieces on “Flying Dragon”, blending

traditional Chinese music with Indian, Japanese and

American jazz. The first track, “Morning,” is actually

nothing short of spectacular... The title cut is a solo...

Here, the structure, first melancholy then triumphant,

achieves a fine balance... “Cutting Grain Song” finds

her with shakuhachi master Yoshio Kurahashi, performing

a traditional Japanese tune. Again, a beautiful number... "
- The Squid's Ear

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Hunting Eagles Catching Swans

Music for Chinese pipa featuring pipa master

Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong

excerpts from the CD

Hunting Eagles Catching Swans- Lin Shicheng
Chen Xingyuan - Gao Hong
Xingjie - Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong

1. Three Six (Pipa Duet, Gao Hong, Pipa part 1,

Lin Shicheng, Pipa part 2)

2.Autumn Thoughts (Lin Shecheng solo)

3. Dragon Boat (Gao Hong solo)

4. Chen Xingyuan Placates the Tribesmen (Gao Hong solo)

5. King Xiang Yu Takes Off His Armor (Gao Hong solo)

6. Xing Jie Si He (Pipa Duet, Lin Shicheng, Pipa part 1,

Gao Hong, Pipa part 2)

7. The Ambush in All Directions (Lin Shicheng solo)

8. Wild Geese Alighting on the Sandy Beach (Gao Hong solo)

9. Hunting Eagles catching Swans (Lin Shicheng solo)

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CD Reviews:

"...such excellent performances...They allow us

to enjoy not only the distinguished Pudong pipa style,

but also the beauty of traditional Chinese music in general"
- Journal of the Association for Chinese Music Research

" of the finest pipa CDs to appear in recent years...

Magnificent playing, truly radiant..."
- Journal of the European Foundation for Chinese

Music Research

"This splendid collection of virtuosi pipa playing is

highly recommended."
- Sing Out!

“Whether you're already familiar with the Chinese pipa

or are looking to discover something new, this gorgeous

album, "Hunting Eagles Catching Swans," performed by the

definitive master of the Pudong style, Lin Shicheng, and his

best student, Gao Hong, is a perfect opportunity to soak in

the beauty of this music. With extreme delicacy and agility,

finesse and energy, this instrument mesmerizes and

enchants. The completeness of its voice is honorably

represented by these two brilliant and passionate

performers. A most notable album.”
- CD Baby

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Belladonna Baroque Quaetet and Gao Hong


Baroque Quartet and Gao Hong combining to play Western

and Eastern early music and Folk melodies from China and

17th Century Europe performed by Belladonna, Baroque

Quartet and Gao Hong, Chinese Pipa.

excerpts from the CD

Anonymous (17th century): Daphne

Yu Ge : Fishingman Song

La Bergamesca

Price: $17.00 (including Shipping)

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CD Review

"Music of two continents, four centuries and

countless bright spots."

- Minneapolis Star Tribune

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The Spirit of Nature

The professional Chinese music ensemble. Performs

the best of Chinese folk, classical, court, silk &

bamboo, minority music.

Chen Tao ( Chinese Wings - Dizi, Xiao, Bawu)
Gao Hong( Chinese lute - Pipa))
Liu Li( Chinese 7 string zither - Guqin)
Wang Hong ( Chinese Fiddles - Erhu, Gaohu)
Yang Yi ( Chinese 21- string zither - Guzheng )

Zhao Yangqin (Chinese hammered Dulcimer)

excerpts from the CD

Ding Dong Camel Bell
Ensemble - Music from Xinjiang
Three Variations on the Theme of Plum Blossom
Xiao and Guqin - Court Music
Fisherman's Song
Bawu with Ensemble - Music of Miao Minority
Birds Amid Tree Shadows

Dizi with Ensemble - Folk Tune from Northern China

1. Ding Dong Camel Bell (6'38")
Ensemble - Music from Xinjiang
2. Three Variations on the Theme of Plum Blossom ( 6' 29")
Xiao and Guqin - Court Music
3. Song of Joy ( 6'51")
Ensemble - Silk and bamboo Music
4. Song of the Mulberry Tree ( 6'31")
Guzheng - Music from Shanxi Province
5. Horse Racing ( 1'39")
Erhu and Yangqin - Music from Mongolia
6. Flowing Water (6'27")
Guqin - Classical Music
7. Fisherman's Song (4'49")
Bawu with Ensemble - Music of Miao Minority
8. Great Waves Washing the sand (4'57")
Pipa and yangqin - Music of A Bing
9. Peaceful happiness (2'43")
Ensemble - Guangdong ( Canton) music
10. Joyful Xinjiang People ( 3'55")
Yangqin with Frame Drum - Music of Uygur Minority
11. Birds Amid Tree Shadows ( 4'37")
Dizi with Ensemble - Folk Tune from Northern China

Total Time: 55'06"

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Audience Response

" This was one of the best concerts I've attended in my life."

" An amazing event. I was impressed beyond belief."

" Spectacular performances, surely the finest musicians to
visit WSU in years."

" Amazing virtuosity. Bring them back again!!"

" I have never been to a Chinese concert before and this
just blew me away."

" Amazing musicians! Obviously world class..."

" Superb performances! Full of wonderful contrast. Dazzling

" The most talented Chinese performers I have ever seen."

" Every moment of this concert was superb!"

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the check payable to

Indigenous Treasures & send to:

1960 Cliff Road, #129-219

Eagan, MN 55122 USA

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Speaking In Tobgues - First Word

Four astonishing musicians from four different countries

with four native tongues. An unprecedented combination

of Chinese pipa, African and Middle Eastern percussion,

and Latin bass.

Sowah Mensah, Master drummer, multi-instrumentalist

and composer from Ghana.

Enrique Toussaint,the virtuoso bassist from Mexico City.

Marc Anderson, Minnesota percussionist extraordinary.

Gao Hong, master pipa player from China.

excerpts from the CD

Floating Over the cloud

Dance of the Yi


1. Floating Over the Clouds
2. Dance of the Yi Minority People
3. Bes
4. I Called Your Name
5. Unlikely Circumstances
6. Mozambique
7. Rap Intro
8. Red red
9. The Long Nights (Intro to Plum Blossom)
10. Three Variations of Plum Blossom

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The Beijing Trio

Budhist Temple Music from Beijing

The Beijing Trio:
"Buddhist Temple Music from Beijing"
Featuring Bao Jian on Guanzi
(oboe-like wind instrument),
Hu Jianbin on Sheng
(mouth organ)and
Gao Hong on Pipa (lute).

excerpts from the CD

Chui Si Diao

Zhou Jing tang

Price: $17.00 (including Shipping)

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Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra

A Peacock Southeast Flew

Gao Hong with Moravian Philharmonic

Price: $17.00 (including Shipping)



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